Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Tactful negotiation to attain the best terms to suit your needs.

Our tenant representation team only has one thing on their minds – the tenant and their needs. The amount of considerations a tenant must make to confirm a real estate decision is overwhelming and complex. Beacon aims to simplify and communicate the process to tenants while tactfully negotiating terms that best suit their needs. Beacon is able to provide a holistic overview of any real estate situation thanks to its diverse team members that specialize in commercial real estate and law.

How We Do It

Holistic overview of a variety of real estate situations.

With this mindset, we help businesses and individuals find, renew or relocate to spaces that surpass their expectations. Beacon assists its clients in renegotiating more flexible and cost-effective lease terms.

leverage your tenancy to produce flexible and cost-effective results

Local expertise, and proprietary databases to provide the most amount of options.

With our local expertise and exclusive data bases, we discover unique properties of which some are off-market. By taking advantage of our long-lasting relationships with landlords, tenants and other brokerages, we help our clients attain maximum value while keeping our costs low. Not to mention, our technical expertise gives our clients an in-depth financial analysis of how each location compares to the next based on its cash flow, net present value and internal rate of return.

Trust our professionals to provide you the best value and contact our team today.