Investment Services

Investment Services

Our collaborative culture integrates expertise from our affiliate M&A arm to provide top of the line technical expertise and investment acumen.

As an affiliate of Beacon Mergers & Acquisitions, our team benefits from our M&A advisory arms’ technical expertise and investment acumen. Due to our highly integrated culture, we can identify specific challenges and risk-reward metrics on real estate investment opportunities to determine whether an investment is the best fit for our clients’ portfolio.
Our goal-oriented approach involves:

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Our advisory team works with our clients to identify objectives, investment criteria and determine our clients’ risk profile. This is used to identify opportunities customized to match client specific needs.


Our research team then conducts analysis to identify challenges and benefits associated with these opportunities. We build financial models and assess market multiples to determine the fair market value of investments. Based on this we assess the return on investment to help our clients pick the right investments for their portfolios.


Upon identifying the right property, Beacon assists in the preparation of offers and deal structuring.


Our team has extensive experience in transaction advisory and deal negotiation. Due to our expertise as an intermediary, we are able to add maximum value during this stage and secure the best deal for our clients.


Once the deal terms are agreed upon and the due diligence is done, Beacon facilitates a formal closing process involving transfer of ownership and administrative formalities